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Construction factoring is a type of financing that helps contractors to maintain steady cash flow and grow their business. At Mount Irvine Capital Group, we offer construction factoring programs that can help contractors get paid faster and cover their expenses in a timely manner.

With our program, contractors can order materials sooner than their cash flow allows, allowing them to work faster and stay on schedule. We purchase the materials that they need immediately and give them extended terms to repay them. This means that contractors can stay ahead of schedule, invoice sooner, and get paid faster.
Additionally, our construction factoring program allows contractors to send their receivables to us and receive immediate cash. This provides them with the cash flow they need to meet payroll, pay bills promptly, maintain overhead, and compete for larger jobs. The program is exclusive for general contractors to pay their subcontractors early to keep continuous cash flow needed to grow their business. Contractors can offer subcontractors early payment at a slight discount, allowing them the freedom to opt-in for early payment. The subcontractors then get paid early without any money out of the General Contractors pocket. We customize programs to provide more flexibility, better terms, and improve relationships with subcontractors.

At Mount Irvine Capital Group, we understand the challenges that construction contractors face when it comes to managing their cash flow. That’s why we offer construction factoring programs that are designed to help contractors get paid faster and stay ahead of schedule. Whether you’re a small contractor or a large construction company, our programs can help you to achieve your business goals.

Here are some scenarios where our construction factoring program could be useful:

  • A small contractor is struggling to maintain cash flow and is having trouble paying bills on time. Our construction factoring program can provide them with the immediate cash they need to stay afloat and grow their business.
  • A large construction company has landed a major project but doesn’t have the cash flow to cover the upfront costs of materials and labor. Our program can help them to purchase the materials they need and cover their expenses until they get paid for the project.
  • A general contractor wants to improve their relationship with their subcontractors and provide them with the option of early payment. Our construction factoring program allows the general contractor to pay their subcontractors early, without impacting their own cash flow.

With our construction factoring program, contractors can access the cash they need to grow their business, stay on schedule, and compete for larger projects. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your construction business thrive.

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